Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Work in Progress

Still slogging away at those Nine Patches with the accent color in the corner. (BTW, that block is perfectly square, it's just not lying flat right now.)

Work on Carolina Crossroads has slowed down a bit because the new semester has started, and I am taking Advanced Clothing Construction at the local community college. (I don't feel terribly advanced since this class was preceded by only one semester of Beginning Clothing.) Our first assignment is to make a corset. I come from a generation that equates "corset" with "girdle." But the item the teacher has in mind is actually worn as a garment rather than underwear. I have no intention of ever wearing this thing, so I'll just be making it as an exercise in learning new techniques.

I'm also going to be spending some time sewing some little purses to match the dresses I made my granddaughters for Christmas. I'm planning to take them with me when I go to visit them next month.

I've been taking stock of my stash and my UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and realize that even if I never succeed in my quest to find a part time job, I need never be bored as long as I have a working sewing machine.

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