Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Setting Things Up

Hello, I'm Catholic Bibliophagist which is also the name of my primary blog which you can find here. A bibliophagist is a devourer of books, so that's mostly what I talk about at my other blog: books, libraries, reading, genre of various kinds -- all that good stuff.

But I'm also a quilter, and I've recently joined about a thousand other women in making Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt, Carolina Crossroads. Many of the ladies are reporting their progress on their blogs. I wasn't sure if that would be appropriate at Catholic Bibliophagist since the book people might not be interested in the quilting reports and the quilting people might not care for all of the highly focused book talk. Thus the second blog. This is where I'll be posting my adventures in mystery quilting, stash busting and other quilty stuff. Because quilting is what I mostly do when I'm not reading.

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