Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Summer Dresses in October

Done, done, finally done! The sleeveless summer dresses which I'd hoped to send to the granddaughters a month or two ago are now finished and in the mail. Of course, it's no longer summer. . . Well, I suppose they can wear them with sweaters.

Actually, it's still quite summer-like here in Southern California. Perhaps it's also warm in Texas. The pattern was Simplicity 0540 which I had previously made in a long sleeved version with a contrast band at the bottom of the skirt. This sleeveless variation just has a simple machine stitched hem. Sewing three of them ought to have been quick and easy since I cut out all three at once and sewed them assembly-line fashion. But, as it so often does, real life got in the way. I just hope the girls haven't yet outgrown them. Below is a picture of one of the finished dresses.

Now I really must get back to my quilting! I continue to work on California Crossroads. I'm planning to make a small Streak of Sunshine from Christmas fabrics. And I'd really like to make a lap quilt as a surprise Christmas gift for a particular relative who really needs a quilt. And I should also get back to those string pieced, eight-pointed stars. And, and . . .

Quilters are never bored, are they?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh, Dear!

I was planning to make the Streak of Sunshine quilt from Bonnie Hunter's website as a donation for a church fundraiser to be held in November. It's really quick to put together, and I thought I could use up my small collection of Christmas fabrics.

Alas! Almost all of my Christmas fabric is fat quarters, and you need to be able to cut strips that are WOF (width of fabric) for this speedy technique.

Any other suggestions for a quick and easy (but nice looking) quilt?