Thursday, January 10, 2008

Disaster Strikes!

See my lovely sewing machine pictured in the sidebar? It's a Bernina 1090S. It is among that class of machines that quilters are fond of calling "a real workhorse." Last night I was sewing merrily along, just finishing up the last few blocks of Step 1, when the telephone rang. I leapt to my feet and started across the room to the kitchen. But before I got very far, I felt a jerrk, heard a thud behind me, and turned to find my cherished Bernina sprawled on the floor! Somehow or other the cord must have gotten caught around my leg. Berninas are heavy machines. It made several dents in my hardwood floor. Thank goodness it didn't fall on my foot!

I was so stunned that I felt no emotion at all. I lifted the 1090 back onto the table. I turned off the power switch and removed the knee lift which was now badly bent. The knob which lowers the feed dogs was loose. When I tried to turn the handwheel, the needle got stuck and would not come back up. So something inside may be off kilter.

The next morning I took my beloved Bernina to the local dealer. (I've just recently moved to this city so I can't even take my poor baby to her regular tech guy!) They estimate that repairs will cost at least $400, possibly more. If it can be repaired at all -- the extent of the damage is still uncertain.

I'll still be able to finish the Bonnie's mystery quilt; I do have other sewing machines. But the 1o90 and I had bonded. She is my first love, and I just didn't have the heart to set up the other machine today.


Anonymous said...

Oh Gosh! Reading this post makes my heart ache...I love my two Berninas..they are my children 4 and 5. I have them bolted in our cabinets. I hope yours can be fixed! good luck. :)

I found you from Kristen's blog - glad to see you recommending the 1008 to her. I think she would love it!! :)

I am also a retired homeschooler :)

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

Thanks for the sympathy, Cheryl. I wish I had a cabinet. Bolted sounds really good -- especially here in earthquake country.

Yes, I was really impressed with the 1008 which was the machine available in my garment sewing class last semester. A good basic mechanical machine. And very sturdy. (Survives student use very well!)

Do you miss the homeschooling lifestyle now that you are retired? Sometimes I do, but most of the time I am glad to have more time available for quilting.