Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Step 1: Getting Started

Yes, I know. Many of you have already finished Step 4. In fact, since Bonnie posted it yesterday, some of you eager beavers have probably already finished Step 5! In my defense, I did start later than everyone else. I was busy sewing Christmas dresses for my grandaughters until right before the holiday.

Anyway, I am still going to post about my experiences. Perhaps they will help those few of you who have also started late.

As you can see, I decided to follow Bonnie's color scheme of red, blue, and neutral. Because I just don't want to have to agonize over color choices right now. Also, the problem I've always had with mystery quilts is that I don't know where I'm going. So how can I decide which fabric to use where? But if I mirror Bonnie's choices the quilt will probably look good. Unfortunately, when I started I hadn't yet realized that the blues were to be dark and medium. As you can see, a few of mine are a bit lightish. In one of her posts Bonnie said that value would be important in this quilt. I hope my medium lights will add a bit of sparkle rather than disrupting the design.

So far, I have fifty of these cute little rail fence blocks.


Karen (Misiz C) said...

Glad to see you are joining the project. It's fun to see all the variations. It won't be long before you are caught up.

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

Thanks for the encouraging words.