Friday, January 11, 2008

A Lucky Find

I'm so far behind the rest of you that I haven't even pulled any neutrals yet. But today I remembered something that will save me a bit of cutting time.

Way back when I first started quilting, I decided to make a scrappy log cabin. Not having much stash at the time, I ordered a packet of lights from Keepsake Quilting and cut them into 1.5 inch strips according to the instructions in Trudie Hughe's Templateplate Free Quilting. Then I cut enough scrappy dark strips to make one block and decided, "I don't really like making log cabin blocks!"

So the light strips have languished, neatly arranged in one of my sewing drawers, for over ten years. But nothing goes to waste when you're a quilter. Last night it occurred to me that I could use these to jumpstart Steps 2 & 3 in Bonnie's mystery quilt. Yay!

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