Saturday, August 23, 2008

The String Quilt

I'm thinking that the same person who made yesterday's quilt top might also have made this one. It's machine pieced and very carefully and competently made. That curved piecing is smooth and flat. And the borders are mitered. I know I've seen this pattern before. It think it's a Snowball block.

Unlike the previous top which was made of fabric specifically purchased for it, this one is scrappy. But the quilter is using a very controlled palette even though she does have to make some substitutions in order to follow her design. She also had to piece smaller bits together in order to cut out some of those pink triangles. And in some blocks she had to substitute a slightly different pink or even a tiny pink check.

I'd love to quilt this one. So much of the quilter's personality shines through that I'd feel like I was helping a friend if I finished it.


bella said...

Another name for this one is Drunkard's Path, I did one recently in batiks. Beautiful finds!

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

Thanks. This is one of the ones I want to quilt if I can just figure out what to put in those white circles.

Dionne said...

I like this pattern as well! I have a drunkard's path that an old aunt in my family made, but set it at an 'x' instead of on the 'o' and although it was finished decades ago, she never actually quilted it. I'm going to have to pull it all apart because the batting is all bunched and horrid after so long. Then put it all back together and quilt it. I am looking forward to watching what you do with your fabulous find!