Sunday, February 5, 2012

An Unexpected Compliment

I've been taking my little niece to story hour at the local public library. Last week, as we hurried up the stairs to the children's department, several young teen-aged girls were clattering down. One of them paused, just for a nano-second, and blurted, "That's a cute skirt!"

I was surprised because I never would have expected someone her age to notice, much less compliment, something worn by a woman in her late fifties. I turned (because she was already past me) and said, "I made it." This time she really did stop and her jaw dropped. "The pattern is on the Sewaholic website," I told her. Then I turned and hurried after my niece who was eager to get to the library's Valentine program.

The skirt I was wearing was my second version of the Crescent Skirt which I'd made in a light weight denim. This pattern was designed for younger women so I had to lengthen it a bit. But I didn't have to make any other alterations, and it perfectly suits my pear-shaped figure while it disguises my middle-aged tummy.

I think I my lengthening technique may have been a bit inept because there was a point at the bottom edge of the center front:

I agonized for a while about whether or not to trim the edge to a more subtle curve. And I finally did so because I was planning to make a top stitched hem, and I didn't think I'd be able to turn it up smoothly if I didn't. And below is a close-up showing the nice topstitching on the waistband and hem. (One disadvantage of the denim was that I wasn't able to get a nice sharp point on the waistband.) This is a pattern I expect to use again and again because it is so easy to put together and so comfortable to wear. 


Rebekah said...

Lovely skirt, CB! I've been thinking and thinking about the idea of buying one of Tasia's patterns. . . But I'm always held back by the fact that I have way too many sewing plans and commitments already! Oh well, at least I can "pretend" sew one of Sewaholic patterns by looking at your Crescent Skirts. :) Thanks so much for sharing!

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

Her patterns are pricey, but they are so well designed that I know I'll be using them again and again. So for me, they're cost effective.

I've just bought her pattern for knit tops -- and I'm not a fan of sewing knits! But I desperately need new clothes so that I can get rid of all the stuff that is either too shabby to wear to work or which no longer fits.

And then I can get back to quilting! Yay!


rhinemouse said...

That is an incredibly cute picture. (And a cute skirt!)