Sunday, May 8, 2011

Next In the Queue

The closer I get to the end of a sewing project, the more I find myself thinking about what I'll work on next. Sewing the First Communion dress took so long that I'm eager to get back to quilting with its precise 1/4 inch seams and its soothing two-dimensional construction.

But my wardrobe is so scanty right now that I think I'll have to take the time to make myself a skirt I can wear to work. I'm going to try the Cresent Skirt by Sewaholic. (Tasia, the designer, is hosting a sew-along here.)

I hope this pattern won't be too young for me. I'll be making it a bit longer than the photos on the website.

Two things in particular attracted me to this pattern. The first is that it has pockets! I really need pockets when I'm at work. The second is that it is supposed to be suitable for quilting cottons -- something which I've got an awful lot of.

Last year a local quilt shop was flooded due to a plumbing problem. Bolts of fabric which were lined up on the floor acted as wicks, sucking up water until they were soaked. The owner had the fabric dried and sold it off cheaply by weight. I bought a lot of it figuring that I could use it for quilt backs if nothing else. (I washed it, of course.) I'm also using it to try out new patterns since it was cheaper than unbleached muslin and can actually be worn if the pattern turns out well.

At first I was considering the floral at the top of this post. But I regretfully concluded that the print is just too large. My second choice is this abstract print which would probably look okay with my black or white short sleeved tops. And the scale of the print is much more suitable.


Rebekah said...

Hi Mary,

Oh, you lucky person for being able to get all those quilting cottons. :) You must have been like a kid in the candy store that day.

Even though I am not sewing it, I've been keeping my eye on the Crescent Skirt sew-along faithfully. A lot of good sewing tips can be gathered this way!

I love both the fabrics you chose for the skirt but you are probably right in choosing the smaller print. It can match with more tops than the larger rose fabric. And the whole point of this project is to make your wardrobe more complete, right?

I can't wait to see you start this project; let me know if you need any help along the way.


Catholic Bibliophagist said...

"You must have been like a kid in the candy store that day."

You'd better believe it! And a very determined one too. The sale was held a month after my foot surgery, so I was there on crutches.