Saturday, February 5, 2011

Simplicity 2210

Here's something else I bought at Road to California: Simplicity 2210. One of the vendors had a few vintage patterns at the back of her booth, and this one caught my eye from across the aisle. The kimono sleeves have an interesting bias under-arm inset which I'm looking forward to making.

It's a perfect fit for one of my granddaughters -- except I'll have to lengthen the skirt a bit.

I'm wondering how to make the skirt poof out like those in the picture. (Well, I know the picture is probably a bit exaggerated -- artistic license, don't ya know. But I'd like the skirt to stick out just a bit.) An underskirt, perhaps? If so, what should I make it out of? The dress would be cotton, so any underskirt must be washable.

Any suggestions?


Nanato4 said...

Back in the day, every wore petticoats, so I'm guessing a full, tiered petticoat caused the dress to stick out like that. I wonder if they even make petticoats nowadays? ;-)

Katie said...

Seems to me I had a tulle petticoat to wear with my party dresses when I was little. :-)

Anonymous said...

this tutorial is more for a tutu than petticoat, but it's quick and easy and would easily work for this dress to give the skirt stand-out-ness you want! :)

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

Katie and Nanato4,

Yes, I think I'm going to try making a petticoat rather than a tulle underskirt. The dress is made of cotton and so will require ironing. And that might be hard to do without accidentally melting the underskirt. Much better to make a separate petticoat.


I love that tutorial! I've bookmarked it because all of my little granddaughters love to dance.