Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thrift Store Patterns

A couple days ago my mom and I visited a new thrift store. I was on the look-out for vintage patterns but did not find any in my size. (I don't know how to grade patterns from one size to another. I envy people who do.) But I did buy three patterns from the '80s and '90s. (No, I don't consider those vintage. Good heaven's, I feel funny when other online pattern collectors refer to patterns from the '70s as vintage! After all, I was an adult then!)

The first was McCall's 7910 from the big-shouldered '80s. But that's okay because a size 12 would be way too big for me on top, so I have no plans to make the jacket. However, the skirt would probably fit, and that's the part I'm interested in. I like those soft pleats and it has side seam pockets, a waistband, and a side opening. (Women's clothing suffers from a lack of pockets.)

The second was Simplicity 8071 which is a multi-sized (6, 8, & 10) dress or jumper. I'd like some work dresses for around the house: something simple, durable, and easy to wear. This one doesn't have any darts so it might look kind of baggy on me. But I thought it might be kind of fun to experiment with it. And since these patterns were only ten cents apiece, I'm willing to take a chance. (Last time I had a 50% off coupon at JoAnn's I bought a bolt of muslin just for trying out and fitting patterns.)

The third was a children's robe pattern, Simplicity 8090, which will probably fit one of my grandchildren. I have some pink chenille-like fabric which was given to me and I think it might make a nice robe. And if it doesn't, well, I won't have lost anything but my time. Ditto for the other two patterns; I have stash fabric that would suit them too.

Now to find the time for garment sewing! And I mustn't neglect Bricks & Stepping Stones. Fillius's birthday is coming up in May.


Rebekah said...

Hi there!

You mentioned in your post that you wish you knew how to grade your patterns so you can work with a wider array. You may want to check this tutorial out:

The author of the tutorial is from and is a wonderful teacher. I haven't tried resizing/grading myself but I am planning on sitting down and following the steps very soon! Because if I do figure out this technique I have decades worth of patterns at my fingertips and THAT is a very motivating thought! :) Best of luck to you.

In Christ,

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

Why, thank you! I've bookmarked it so that I can go back and study it more closely as soon as I get a little more breathing space.

What lovely patterns are on the Sense & Sensibility site! I've fallen in love with the Edwardian apron.