Monday, January 26, 2009

Quilting Frustration and a New Rotary Cutter

My quilting buddy recently returned after a six month stay in Montana, and we resumed our weekly sewing sessions. But I wasn't sure what I could work on with my bad arm. Even scissors are pretty much beyond me right now. Then I remembered my string pieced stars. I had already traced the diamonds onto paper and I have a drawer full of strips and strings. Perfect! No fabric cutting required! I'll just have to delay trimming the diamonds until I'm completely healed.

Which reminds me, the other purchase I made at Road to California was the Martelli ergonomic rotary cutter. I saw the vendor demo its use, cutting through twenty layers of fabric. I took a couple of tentative cuts, but couldn't really get a feel for it since I didn't dare put much pressure on my hand. However, this cutter was recommended by a couple of people on Quiltvillechat, so I decided to risk $20.00 on it. Of course, I won't really know if it will be compatible with my own particular problems and style of working until my tennis elbow has healed enough for me to try it out. When it does, I'll give a complete review.


Marie said...

ooo that rotary cutter looks nice. I might have to get me one for my quilting room! :-)

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

The therapist said I could try using my right hand a bit, so I tried out the new rotary cutter today. Just one layer of fabric -- I didn't want to take any chances. It feels a little odd when you're used to the other kind. I used it while sitting down so as to keep my wrist straight. I'm not sure yet how I like it; it feels odd when you're used to the other kind. But I intend to give it a fair trial when my elbow is a bit better.